During your stay in Curaçao, it is recommended to rent a car.

The distances may not be large, but the beaches, restaurants, and other attractions are scattered around the island. If you want to visit the most beautiful beaches and bays, dine at the best restaurants, or experience the lively happy hours, having a car is highly recommended.
With a car, you can explore all corners of the island and fully enjoy its beauty!

Fortunately, gasoline is cheap here, and the speed limit is not higher than 80 kilometers per hour. It might take some getting used to, but you’ll notice that people are surprisingly friendly in traffic. Honking often means that you have the right of way, and people also honk to express gratitude.

You can rent a car starting from 65 guilders per day (approximately €32.50)
All cars are equipped with air conditioning
The car will be picked up and delivered to the resort free of charge
All cars are fully insured with comprehensive coverage, and the excess can even be waived
No deposit is required in most cases

Through our partners, you can rent a car starting from 65 guilders per day, and in many cases, no deposit needs to be paid through us. We have various car sizes available: compact, midsize, or a sturdy SUV, as well as 7-seaters and even convertibles! You can open the flyer below to see the options, and if you have any other preferences, please let us know!

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