Welcome to the website of the beautiful Abaai Resort!

The place that we, Nick, Naomi, and Jack, have been calling home since April 2022!

In 2010, I, Naomi, visited Curaçao for the first time and immediately fell in love with the island’s charms. After Nick and I met a few years later, he also got to experience island life in 2015 and fortunately felt the same way about Curaçao.

The plans to settle here were born, but it remained a dream for a long time. A son (Jack) came along, who was taken to the island shortly after his first birthday and had already visited three times by his fifth birthday. We also enjoyed other trips, but they never compared to the feeling of coming home that we have here.

So, when we were camping in the Netherlands in the summer of 2021, we made the decision over a cold beer and a good conversation to finally take the plunge. Initially, we planned to move in a year, but when we were informed that we could potentially become owners of this fantastic piece of paradise, everything happened quickly. We packed our bags and left in early March 2022.

As mentioned, the resort is our home, and we can often be found in the pool or on the shared terrace ourselves.

We enjoy the life here every day, and we will do our utmost to give our guests the same feeling when they stay with us.

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